New Pact for

Decentralization and Social Harmony

Currently all the systems that sustain our society, are revealing themselves as obsolete.

Corrupt and unable to face the demands of an interconnected world that becomes aware of its slavery.

The ignorance of the new systems overwhelms us with the painful sensation of an imminent proximity to the end of the world.

The Deception and Conformism have taken away the power.

For centuries we have been deceived, making us believe that through a vote, a few would be in charge of serving us and ensuring the prosperity of all, when the truth is that they deceived us into working to benefit a minority that controls us.

Besides the conformism of the human being, has dragged us to leave everything in the hands of these "experts", who behind the scenes, laugh at us and manipulate us.

An Economy at the service of unhappiness

The current economic model promotes consumerism, which instead of making us happy enslaves us, takes us into debt and pollutes.

The disintegration of the family and the need for a new social pact

The conditions to which modern society is subject are a discouraging cocktail that intoxicates us with unhappiness.

The current situation demands that both parents must comply with long working hours, therefore there are fewer mothers at home who assume the role of transmitting family values and more ill-educated children, who do not esteem or respect the sacrifice of parents and the value of society.

Not everything is lost. Take and reform what works and discard what does not.

It is not necessary to tear down all systems and start from scratch. We can take what works best, reform it and adapt it to modern society.

Two powerful weapons: Connect on the Internet and Cryptocurrencies

The only way for evil to triumph is for the good guys to do nothing. Power is not given, it is taken.

Humanity must leave conformism and apathy and begin to take responsibility for its development, and to take power and achieve freedom, we have two powerful weapons available: The Internet and the Cryptocurrency.

E-Nation a Crypto State distributed globally

E-Nation proposes a society made by design, that solves all these problems. A crypto State physically distributed throughout the world, and its brother project the Cryptocurrency UnityCoin.
Project Here
First Authentic Revolution
So far, the Revolutions were 'take off you to put me', an oligarchy that replaces another oligarchy, changing the faces but maintaining the vertical power system
A Spiritual Society
We need a society that values the spirituality of "we are all one", the love of our neighbor.

A New Social Pact

To unite as a great family, with a balance between freedom and responsibility.

With a new educational model, focused on human development, its individual characteristics and collective happiness.

With a new sustainable economic model, free of financial bubbles, which provides monetary freedom and equal importance to all human beings.

Centered in the family, where the woman can be wife, mother and professional, without having to choose between money or family, truly free and responsible.

With a new model of political participation, direct democracy with meritocracy and consensus voting.

Apply the scientific method to the whole government, applying technological knowledge, making decisions based on data and understanding that we live in an interconnected planet.

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